I am trained in massage therapy, midwifery, and public health. Since entering the field of labor and delivery support twenty years ago I’ve attended hundreds of births in settings ranging from the developing world and war zones to quiet, safe labor and delivery rooms in Austin, Texas. In these settings I have served both as a midwife and as labor support. I am trained in midwifery, childbirth education, lactation and support, the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and delivery, trauma-based care, childbirth for survivors of sexual trauma and addiction, and miscarriage support. I am currently offering her services as a private doula for labor support for expectant parents in and around Austin, Texas.

There are many different theories surrounding pregnancy and labor preparation and education. I do my best to offer a summary of popular labor techniques, tailoring the content to the specific requests and values of my clients. My one on one sessions include the physiology of labor, pain coping strategies, meditation, nutritional information, yoga and labor positions instruction, and suggested reading. I also believe that the use of tools like epidural can be powerfully restorative can speak to the medical interventions available should women be interested in that, as well. I am of the belief that labor is the raw, hugely transformative experience required to shape us into the mothers we are on the other side of each birth and no two are the same.

I believe that labor can be fun, and this is after two 30+ hour labors! I was not one of those women gifted with a gently easy labor, although I hoped for it. I had two planned home births that ended in cesarean sections. Each one changed me deeply and were in retrospect the births that were perfect for me and my babies; as they all are.
I am available for sessions specializing in trauma: birth trauma, PTSD, depression, rape, domestic violence, war, and the like. As the Founder of Circle of Health International I’ve spent the last fifteen years working to support birthing women in places like Sudan, Gaza, Haiti, Syria and the like. Trauma is something I am familiar with, not afraid of, and would welcome the opportunity to help YOU work through during your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum phase of parenthood.

I will do my best to provide factual, evidence based information, answer your questions, and provide advice when solicited. I respect each woman’s right to make her own choices that are best for her and her family regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. It would be my honor to bare witness to your journey through this experience, and I will do my best to meet the needs you bring to the course.


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