What is Interwoven?

Interwoven is a community-based coaching program providing learning and engagement opportunities both online and in person.

Participants can sign up for the full 8-month experience, or purchase a la carte services.

Together we will envision, craft, and actualize the relationships, expertise, and impact you crave, building off of four core community themes: Motivation, collaboration, privilege, and prosperity.

Let me support YOU in pursuing YOUR most impactful, connected, and inspired life.

Who is it for?

  • Public and global health professionals
  • Reproductive justice advocates and activists
  • Maternal, reproductive, and/or newborn health 
clinicians, administrators, and/or academics
  • Social impact entrepreneurs
  • Birth workers
  • Feminists

Anyone who feels they will benefit from this kind of deep diving and consideration of their own relationships, impact, and privilege.

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Interwoven Core: January 28, 2020 – August 28, 2020


These themes will define the work in each month of the program:

What, at your core, motivates you? What moves you to behave, choose, respond, love, achieve in the ways that you do? Getting clear about your personal and professional motivations will, in turn, clarify the choices you made and aid you in making more sound decisions, achievable goals, and communicating your needs both in and outside of your work.

No one exists in a void, and, even if we are resistant to this unavoidable reality, eventually we all have to learn to work together. How can YOU strengthen your collaborations? How do you contribute to the weakening of your collaborations? Work teams, co-parenting, friendships, and family dynamics. Multiple times a day we are called to collaborate, imagine doing so with heightened clarity and improved outcomes.

Thoughtful action, showing up, perseverance, having hard conversations from a place of empathy and tolerance, self-education, expanding our cultural understanding, giving up our mic. These are just some of the ways those of us with racial, social, class, educational, professional, and economic privilege can demonstrate our commitment to ending white supremacy. The work of dismantling our own biases is life long work and we can never, really, do too much of this kind of work, right?

What is your money story? What emotions does your money story bring out in you? What themes in that story are holding you back? Unpacking our money story as it relates to prosperity can reveal where we sell ourselves short, where we are sabotaging ourselves, and why money triggers us where and when it does.


The nuts and bolts of how we’ll put the modules into practice:

4 INDIVIDUAL CALLS (45 minutes each)
The calls will be spread out over the course of the program during which we will focus our work together on Interwoven’s core themes as well as YOUR individual goals, work, and impact. Ideation, brainstorming, planning, and strategizing are some frameworks we may bring to these calls. These are YOUR calls and therefore we will frame them around what you are needing from me and the program as we schedule them.

4 Q+A COMMUNITY CALLS (90 minutes each)
These group video chats will happen throughout the program, during the core module months, where the community will have the opportunity to consider and share our own reflections and visioning work regarding where we are being challenged and where we are experience growth. Folks can engage, bring questions, cheer each other on, and offer insights, and will be framed around the core, community themes.

ONLINE PORTAL ACCESS (duration of the program)
A key component of the program is exclusive access to my personal and professional archive of interviews, trainings, articles, and podcasts. This includes modules on trauma, online fundraising, public health, community organizing, and much more. The online portal is your own learning library to use according to your own schedule during the duration of the program.

We, as humans, crave the connection and support of a community. Part of what participants will benefit from by participating in this program is access to my personal and professional network through careful curation of topic-specific webinars and member-only social pages/platforms where we can be honest, vulnerable, and supportive of one another during our time together in the program.

Pricing Options

1 payment of
4 installments of
8 installments of

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Interwoven Retreat: April 3-5, 2020

This retreat is for anyone interested in a reflective, connective, deep dive consideration of one’s role and impact in the world. Sera will lead sessions framed around the four core elements of the Interwoven program, there will be reflective time, physical movement, delicious healthful meals, and professional headshot opportunities. This is an offering open to both Interwoven program members and others interested in this kind of in real time work conducted both on one’s own and in community.

Pricing Options

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As standalone ticket

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Interwoven Elements

Key elements of the Interwoven program – themed individual calls with Sera, access to the online portal, and access to the community – can be scheduled on a one-off basis at any time.

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