Being born again

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Hello gentle readers,

Perhaps you are curious as to why, just hours away from our due date for our first baby, I’ve decided to start a new blog? In all honesty, I could be in the process of documenting one of those last changes late in pregnancy when all of a sudden I have energy again. What a blessing! But really, as I sit here, still, in front of our fan, its not likely. I give us at least another week of gestational discomfort, I mean bliss. But who knows, Adam dreamt last night we had the baby at Ace Hardware in a tent! We could be making the big move any day now, really.

The truth is that I want to dedicate some time and space to document the last days of pregnancy, the labor, the birth, my transition to motherhood, breastfeeding, and parenting. I’ve been waiting, sometimes patiently sometimes not so, for this stage of my life for what often seems a long time and its such a blessing to be here, now. There are several promises I’ve made to myself, that Adam and I have made to one another, and that we’ve collectively made to our wee one regarding how we want to tread this path together and we want to share our journey with you, here.

Community is how we all get by, really. And with the blessings of our family, friends, and colleagues we are supported on all sides in most ventures we undertake, this one not withstanding. There is a shared sense of action, intellect, and purpose binding us to you all. I want to create a medium where I can communicate my observations, verbalize a rant or rave, and offer up musings regarding these changes taking place in me, my body, and my life.

My goal as the author of this blog is to accomplish this through a lens of advocacy, the political, personal reflection, and spirit. Those of you with kids of your own I imagine are slyly grinning as you read these words as you have a keen understanding of not only the physical shifts about to take place in my life, but those having to do with time, availability, and focus, as well. I welcome your skepticism, and challenge you to consider my first assertion: I will not lose myself.

I understand that I am slowly being born again. The truth is that we all undergo these transformations on a micro to macro scale from the moment we are born until we die, and who knows, perhaps after that, too! Our skin regenerates as we move through our daily lives with scabs, scars, and sunburns. Our circles of friends and family shift with our location and interests. The words we use to identify ourselves change to reflect broader shifts: daughter, sister, athlete, lover, scholar, friend, activist, wife, and mother. And so, here I am, asking you to bare witness as I am born again.

I want to share some of the vows I’ve made to myself so you can hold me accountable, provide support, and join me in my action should you feel so inclined. My mind will continue to be a committed and active player in this highly hormonal and physical experience to the extent that it enriches it, me, us. I will remain committed to my daily practice to be a more humble, generous woman who laughs more easily at life. I will be a good mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife, student, and worker. I will honor my body, and the bodies of others. And I will learn, always.

Tune in, here, to read more about how things are going with me, the wee one, our extended family, and our always lively path. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and am so very thankful for the support you’ve already brought to me and this work; personally and otherwise.


Sera + kicking bump

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    I’m actually writing for advice. I know you don’t know me, but I’ve been getting the COHI newsletter for awhile now, and you seem like someone who might be able to give me well-reasoned, relevant advice. I’m a midwife, struggling to finish all of my NARM requirements so I can take the exam, while taking pre-med requirements, and trying to work, etc. I don’t feel sorry for myself, I just wonder if I’m going about this the wrong way. I got so much experience while doing an internship in the Philippines, but in the States, all my leads have dried up.
    Basically, I want to do so much, and I really want to finish my CPM,but I’m just having trouble doing that.
    I’m sorry this is so long. Thank you for what you write and what you do- you inspire me, and inspiration brings out the best in me.
    Warm regards,
    Meg Staires

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