“Sera Bonds is a committed and passionate advocate for global maternal health. She is also a powerful speaker who frames the challenges and solutions with strong storytelling skills.” – Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts

“Sera is bright and articulate and knows mothers. She has all the the tools and knowledge necessary to help mothers and their partners navigate through the rapids of today’s complex and challenging pregnancy and birth scene.” – Mindy Levy, Certified Nurse Midwife

If I had to summarize what I wanted in a doula it would simply read “Sera Bonds.”  Qualified, funny, warm, quick on her toes, Sera brings value and focus to all she does. – Samantha Huggins CD (CHB),CBC, Co Founder of Carriage House Birth

“From the initial meetings with Sera prior to my labor and delivery, along with the follow-up care she gave me, I felt a lot of relief knowing that I had such a thoughtful and experienced doula in my corner. When I felt that I was ready for an epidural, Sera helped me feel confident in that decision and helped to alleviate the guilt that I had about it. After the birth, I was delighted to receive photos that Sera took throughout my labor and delivery. My birth story is a very positive and joyful one, and a lot of that has to do with Sera’s involvement. Our son came into this world surrounded by two loving parents and one excellent doula. – Jen Hill, Architect + Mama

“On a beautiful sunny morning I went into labor three weeks early. I was scared, alone and completely unprepared; I called Sera for an emergency childbirth “crash course”. What a relief. Sera stayed with me, coached me through contractions, talked me through all my highs and lows and was completely focused and devoted to get me through this. When my husband arrived, thrilled and wound up, her support and above all her sense of humor helped us stay focused and be a team. When Sera came to my house I was anxious, elated, emotional, jittery, (slightly in denial) but when I left for the hospital I felt empowered, strong and completely ready to greet my gorgeous precious little girl.” – Alice Toldeano, Childbirth course participant + Doula client

“When we first started working with Sera she explained that her role as a Doula was a bit like a tour guide; explaining each part of the birth process to us and helping us understand what the doctors and nurses were doing and why. I can’t express how impactful her guidance was on our birth journey. Not only did she walk both of us through the process, helping to create a safe space in an often tense and stressful experience, but she also ensured that my family was taken care of as well, answering their questions and providing reassurances. We will always be indebted to her for the role she played in bringing our new family into the world and will always love her for her guidance.” – Isabel Hatcher

“Sera is a warm and down-to-earth individual who will make you feel instantaneously comfortable. Her compassion for women and her motivation for improving health care for women is obvious in every thing she does. She understands the intricacies of pregnancy and birth and will help you understand yourself better through your time with her.” – Rachel Pope, MD, MPH