For my mother

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I offer you these words on this day that I am one of you for the first time. I hope that you feel the pride, love, and appreciation on this day that you’ve worked so hard to foster in me, … Read More

External reviews

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It happened, my first public melt down as a new Mom. Here is its retelling, in full technicolor! I was accosted today by a woman who felt I was a bad mother. The scene isn’t all that relevant except to … Read More

My breasts are his breasts

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After years of wearing my breasts comfortably as identifiers of my sex, lures for affection, I am thrilled to see them now as utilitarian tools to feed my family. I’ve watched with longing as some of the mothers I know … Read More


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I have been delivered. To myself, to motherhood. Through an epic test of physical endurance, faith in body and soul. I have been delivered. I find myself now presented with the daily meditation of a heart busting to full: a … Read More

Intellectual preparations

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When embarking on any new adventure, I read. I read everything I can get my hands on, borrowing and buying in mad amounts. Our bags when leaving the US are almost always at least 1/3 book weight. This summer while … Read More

Being born again

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Hello gentle readers, Perhaps you are curious as to why, just hours away from our due date for our first baby, I’ve decided to start a new blog? In all honesty, I could be in the process of documenting one … Read More